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The Entrepreneur Development Initiative (EDI) is a transformative program that provides crucial support and resources to entrepreneurs from marginalized and underrepresented communities. EDI addresses significant barriers faced by entrepreneurs, such as limited access to capital, mentorship, and business networks. We seek to empower underserved entrepreneurs by addressing these gaps and creating a more inclusive and diverse business ecosystem.

EDI makes targeted scholarship opportunities available to provide mentorship and financial support for business start-ups or expansion. This can help overcome the financial barriers that often hinder entrepreneurs from marginalized communities, allowing them to access the necessary capital to bring their ideas to fruition. By connecting underserved entrepreneurs with experienced mentors and industry professionals, the initiative helps to cultivate valuable skills, build confidence, and foster long-term success.

Our program prioritizes building partnerships with local community organizations, educational institutions, and financial institutions to create a comprehensive support network. By collaborating with these entities, the initiative can leverage existing resources and expertise to offer tailored programs and services. This approach ensures that underserved entrepreneurs receive the specific support they need, addressing their unique challenges. EDI unlocks marginalized communities' untapped potential and talent, driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and promoting social equity.

If you are an underserved entrepreneur with a business or a business idea, apply to become part of this exciting community.

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