• International Flags

    December 2018

    Methods of the ITC Four Country Smokingand Vaping Survey, Wave 1 (2016)

    Dr. Bryan Heckman, et al

  • Couple Running

    October 2018

    Toward a better assessment of perceived social influence: The relative role of significant others on young athletes.

    D.K.C. Chan, et al

  • Soccer Practice

    September 2018

    A study of coach-team perceptual distance concerning the coach-created motivational climate in youth sport.

    S. Gjesdal, et al

  • Graph on Computer

    August 2018

    The use of ambulatory assessment in smoking cessation.

    Dr. Santosh Kumar, et al

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With five decades of experience and a passion for global change, our Executive Team drives the day-to-day activities of the Foundation.  They are strongly committed to maximizing the amount of Foundation resources used for direct research and development.  They have appointed a talented group of professionals uniquely qualified to manage a multi-national enterprise with a lean overhead budget.  The Team works hand-in-hand with the Advisory Board to support the agenda set by the Scientific Advisory Board in an efficient, legal, ethical, and socially responsible manner.

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