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Youth Development

Research has consistently shown that well-designed and administered extra-curricular youth development programs increase academic test scores, prevent future addictions and substance abuse, and decrease the probability of criminal activity.  Investment in these programs has shown to both prevent, and reverse, unhealthy and abhorrent behavior. The Foundation partners with schools, youth organizations, governments, community groups, and the private sector to design and implement preventative and interventional programs that can be duplicated and scaled to achieve sustained behavioral change.



  • Kick-Off™ American Football program start-up assistance

  • Win Win™ - Integrating Youth Sports and Academics to Achieve Life Goals

  • Leadership Training for Youth Coaches

Junior Football Team

Smoking Cessation

It’s estimated that smoking results in $1.4 trillion in global economic damage each year and is responsible for 11.5% of all deaths worldwide.  There are very few problems which similarly imperil humanity. The Foundation is currently working with academic institutions, governments, advocacy groups and private industry worldwide to research, test and implement creative and economically sustainable programs designed to permanently reduce supply and/or dampen consumer demand for combustible tobacco.

  • Tax Stamp Enforcement as a Vehicle for Smoking Cessation and Funding

Criminal Justice

Effective and conscience criminal justice programs are the key to creating prosperous and safe communities. On the contrary, ineffective programs can stimulate mistrust, financial hardship, and create health disparities. Fox Foundation is at the forefront in leading research and community outreach initiatives for the betterment of our communities. The Foundation collaborates with government, police departments, corporations, and community leaders along with academia to develop innovative and effective research, policy reform, and community outreach programs. 

  • Anti-corruption

  • Drug addiction programs

  • Health and safety crimes

  • Identifying and addressing waste, inefficiencies and fraud

  • Law enforcement training programs

  • Policy and process reform

  • Preventive criminal justice programs based on behavioral psychology principles

  • Prison reform

  • Psychological profiling

  • Research

More info on our Justice Advisory Board

Policeman Indoors
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