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Scientific Advisory Board

All research activities at the Fox Foundation are independently governed by our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).  This heralded and diverse group of doctors are appointed by our Board of Directors and are leading experts in healthcare, science, technology, and academia.  They enjoy complete autonomy in all research decisions and their mandate includes;

Providing strategic guidance and direction for all Foundation research and scientific programs;

Guiding and prioritizing research investment;

Reviewing and advising on all plans and research methodologies developed by the Operations Team;

Identifying new areas of study to further the Foundation's stated objectives.

Dr. Bryan Heckman (Pro bono)

Dr. Bryan Heckman is the Founder/Director of the Tobacco Control Innovations Foundation and a well-respected researcher and expert in the areas of Human Behavior and Addiction Psychology.  He is an Assistant Professor at Meharry Medical College, CEO of a digital healthcare company, and Founder/Director of the Tobacco Control Innovations Foundation.  He was asked to lead SRNT’s mHealth workgroup and is establishing guidelines for proper mHealth research conduct. He also has an ongoing longitudinal dataset of all smoking cessation apps available on iOS and Android.  His mission is to further health equity by conducting meaningful research and implementing impactful interventions that foster equity in communities, policy, and education, especially at minority serving institutes (MSIs).   He is an alumnus University of Pittsburgh (BS) and the University of South Florida (Ph.D.). 

Dr. David MacQueen

Dr. David MacQueen is a Department of Psychology Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington.  His research focuses on using translational methods to improve the efficiency of psychiatric drug development and to explore the neurobiological underpinnings of cognition. He is an alumnus of University of North Carolina Wilmington (BS, MA) and University of South Florida (Ph.D.).

Dr. Jasjit Ahluwalia

Dr. Jasjit Ahluwalia is a Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences and Professor of Medicine at Brown. He has been in academic medicine since 1992 and has been a practicing physician, faculty member, department chair, Associate Dean and Center Director in medical schools, and recently, served as a School of Public Health Dean.  His research has focused on nicotine addiction and smoking cessation in African-American smokers. Ahluwalia then extended his research through national collaborations to the role of menthol in quitting, the pharmacokinetics of nicotine, pharmacogenetics, and cancer biomarkers. Ahluwalia received his undergraduate degree at New York University and a combined MD/MPH from the Tulane University Schools of Medicine and Public Health and Tropical Medicine. 

Dr. Steven Shoptaw 

Dr. Steven Shoptaw is the Director of the Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine -- Department of Family Medicine at UCLA. He works closely with faculty and students at UCLA and affected communities in Los Angeles and nationally to conduct research and service projects targeting the addiction treatment and reducing associated comorbidities. He is an alumnus UCLA (Ph.D.). 

Dr. Santosh Kumar 

Dr. Santosh Kumar is the Director, NIH Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge (MD2K) and Professor and Lillian & Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence - Department of Computer Science at The University of Memphis. His team has collected mobile sensor data from 2,000+ human volunteers for 300,000+ hours in their natural environments as part of various scientific field studies, and through this working, they are working on discovering patterns in time series of biomarkers to determine triggers for delivering just-in-time mobile interventions.

Dr. Erik Augustson

Dr. Erik Augustson has spent the lion share of his career at the National Cancer Institute where he is a Behavioral Scientist and Program Director. Eric led the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Initiative (SFGI), which has grown from a single web-based program to the largest Federal mHealth behavioral health intervention program; encompassing seven websites, fifteen text message programs, two smartphone apps, multiple social media platforms, and a chatbot. Eric also provided technical assistance and guidance to numerous Federal agencies, International Agencies and NGOs on tobacco control issues and digital health initiatives. He is an alumnus of The University of New Mexico (BS, MS, Ph.D.) and John Hopkins (MPH).

Dr. John Medaglia

Dr. John Medaglia is an Assistant Professor - Department of Psychology at Drexel University. He examines translational opportunities at the intersections between complex systems science, cognitive neuroscience, and control engineering. John’s goal is to develop novel theoretical and practical approaches to neurorehabilitation in the service of populations with higher cognitive dysfunction by applying rigorous techniques to problems in neuroimaging, neuromodulation, and cognitive data in healthy and neurological populations. He is an alumnus of Drexel University (BS) and The Pennsylvania State University (MS).

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